André was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. There he started playing guitar and e-bass at the age of thirteen in local rock and pop bands. Shortly thereafter followed the first public appearances at school parties and company parties. In the years that followed André had already set himself the goal of making music his profession so that at the age of seventeen he played the first professional performances in clubs and dance halls in São Paulo.  After a few years as a freelance musician André developed the desire to immerse even deeper into music and to formerly study music . At that time – beginning of the 90s – in Brazil however only the study of the classical music was offered. Through German-Brazilian friends living in Germany, he learned about the possibility of studying jazz and pop at a German university, which soon afterwards led him to Cologne. André completed his studies in jazz / e-bass and music education in 2002 at the renowned university of Cologne. Parallel to his studies, he also began to play double bass, initially supported by private lessons, and in 2010 he graduated with honors from John Goldsby at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen.  André has consistently pursued his professional career since his first appearances in his hometown, so that since then he has been working as a professional musician in addition to his studies. Already in Brazil, André had earned a good reputation in this profession and even after his arrival in Germany, he also played professionally from the beginning, (guitar and electric and double bass) which can be confirmed with up to 130 appearances a year. André also works as an arranger, composer and producer. His ‘Bicho do Mato’ record produced with Eli Goulart even placed himself in the German world music charts, further pieces and arrangements by André are e.g. also to be found on the compilations, Brasilektro 4 and 5 ‘or’ Break’n Bossa ‘. As an E and double bass player, Andre can be heard on over 50 CD productions. André is very active in the jazz, Latin and world music scene and has among others played or recorded with: Simon Nabatov, Alex Gunia, Pablo Paredes, Terence N ‘Gassa, Juliana da Silva and Tony Lakatos, Paulo Morello and Kim Barth, Mathias Schriefel, Frank Sackenheim, Michael Küttner, Reiner Witzel, Claus Osterloh, Michael Heupel, Uli Beckerhoff, Bart van Lier and from Brazil Simoninha, Max de Castro, Carlos Malta, Arthur Maia, Claudio Infante.